Artist Statement


         As an human I have always had an obsession with life and how one might take on the task of living. There are so many facets involved in living and with living comes participation. From the time that I could retain memory my main questions have always been how does one participate? How are others participating?  How should I participate? How can I live in this society? I unconsciously found a tangible answer for all of these questions about participating in this abstract situation called life.

        The arts is a vehicle in which I am able to participate in society and invite collaboration. As a dancer my intention is simply to feel life as it comes. All of life's many emotions, to allow my body to react to feeling and respond to it through movement. As a fashion designer my intentions is simply to make the neglected unconsciousness of our society visible. To give society a contemporary approach to viewing all the many inner workings of society. To adorn the body with questions, thoughts, desires and truths that engages society into a loving revolutionary discourse.

        It is my belief that art is one of the greatest gifts of mankind, it is and has been the tool that humans have used to not only express life but to understand and participate in society and culture. For me every breath I take is an opportunity for me to create, to understand and share with others hopefully leading to collaborations that could produce a change that matters for every and any living organism on earth. Our unconscious task as humans is to live. We all have our ideas on what is the best way to participate in the act of living. For me art is the way, it is the medium in which I execute the task of living.