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Havanna Fisher is a emerging interdisciplinary artist and designer from Harlem who works across the fields of design, performing arts and film. She has a keen interest in using her skills and gifts to combine the design and art world with education to bring about political awareness and thus probable change within the American landscape of ideological identity aiming to create many holistic  approaches to humans living life as a collective in peace . The basis for this deep enriched passion in community service via the arts stems from her experiences growing up in Harlem.  She have achieved both a BFA in fashion Design from Parsons New School for design and a BA in the Arts with a concentration in dance from Eugene Lang college. During her studies at The New School she used her time there to grapple with the tough questions about human relations and sought to use her craft to feature untold stories and ways to build pathways to understand and heal interactions that often divided humanity. Her fashion senior thesis called Sankofa Sankofa served as a wearable memorial to those that were taken and lost during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. For dance thesis she explored the intersectionality of race gender and performance while also creating the costumes and choreography. Her work at the The new School also extended beyond her studies and into the realm of organizing.  She also co-founded Sisters Art Solan (SAS), a student organization that is geared towards women of color artists. Havanna was also the Harlem artist resident for 2016 at The Laundromat Project which gave her the opportunity to go back to her community and share one of her many passions and created a healing space where conversations around the effects of gentrification were discussed. The stories and memories that she collected served as inspiration in her creative processes. Havanna continues to blend different art forms like fashion, dance and film with an emphasis on community and unity to create a world of many possible approaches to living life creating a new society.