6______ Bodies

“The Cotton Series” is a collection of dance works that explores the facets of Black women living in America while maintaining an unbreakable sisterhood. 6 _____ Bodies is the first dance piece in the series.


A short fashion film dealing with the acceptance of losing a loved one. A great fashion and dance collaborations between Parsons, Lang and SVA students and alumni.
Fashion Designer: Mannat Gupta
Film Director: Kriti Bisaria
Cinematographer: Ken Castaneda
Dancers: Havanna Fisher and Olivia Porter

white lies

"An experimental short with explores Blackness as it relates to white fragility"

Choreography & Performance: Havanna Fisher

Director: ASSI Johnson

Assistant Director: Carina Yard

Associate Producers: Vincent L Greer, MOMO Pixel Original Composition: Corey Carrington

Makeup: Julie Bakolia

Hair: Helene Marie